Testing the Honda powered Can Crusher

July 8, 2018


So, I had a bunch of old Honda parts laying around in the shop and decided to get a little bit creative. I used the power window regulator left over from my 1998 Integra Type R (RIP #303), a section from a strut dust cover, a timing belt washer, an A/C idler pulley from a 1998 Civic, a rod and piston from a D15b2 of unknown year, and various other miscellaneous parts. I connected all of that together using nothing but Honda bolts of course, and then welded a frame out of some steel plate and angle iron. It took a few tries to get the geometry right where it would not bind up, but I got it to work smoothly. I wired up 2 momentary switches, one for up and one for down, and 2 relays. I originally powered it from my DeWalt 12v drill battery but soon realized it was not quite enough voltage. The movement was too slow and it had trouble crushing an aluminum can. So, naturally, I gave it MORE POWER! I used a 20v battery and that was much better, although I think ideally it needs 24v, which I plan on trying next. With the added voltage, it runs much faster and will crush a can to 3/4" high or less. In a non-scientific experiment, I compared the height of the crushed can using the Honda Can Crusher vs. me stepping on the can. I weigh about 160Lb. and was not able to crush an aluminum can quite as flat as the Honda Can Crusher. Curious to estimate just how much crushing force the can crusher has, I did some quick math- The weight of my body exerts approximately 40 psi of force on the can, since the surface area of the top of the can is approximately 3.97 square inches. Since the Honda Can Crusher was clearly exerting more force than that, I roughly estimate it to have 50-60 psi of force. Not too bad for some scrap parts! I made a Youtube video of the crusher in action, check it out here:



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