Got a question about lifting your car or SUV? looking for more info about one of our products, services, or a pending order? Check out our list of frequently asked questions below for some quick answers. if your question isnt answered here, get in touch and we'll be happy to help!

Q. Why Don't you offer international shipping?

A. We ship worldwide! shipping cost on international orders is quoted through direct contact with one of our sales representatives. Email us 24/7 at

Q. Why do some kits have tall and short spacers?

A. This is due to the different suspension geometry in the front versus the rear. some vehicles require different height spacers to result in a level lift. 

Q. how does a core charge work?

A. Some HRG products utilize modified oem parts. the core charge is a charge gets refunded back to you when HRG receives your original parts. Kits with a core charge come with packaging and a return shipping label. call us at (844) HRG LIFT for more information.

Q. Can I lift my car and still get it aligned properly?

A. Yes, however some kits will require camber adjustment parts.

Q. Are lift kits street legal?

A. It depends on the laws of the country or state you live in. We recommend checking local laws before installing a lift kit on your vehicle.

Q. Will a lift kit cause axle problems?

A. Sometimes. Our ultimate kits use subframe spacers to minimize axle angle and prevent problems. It is also dependent on the condition of the existing axles and suspension. For more information about CV axles click here

also, Check out our youtube video on axle shake here

Q. What size tires will fit after installing the lift kit?

A. check out our tire chart or give us a call at (844) HRG LIFT

Q. Do i need to remove my sway bars?

A. No, it is not necessary to remove your sway bars to install our lift kits. However, removing or disconnecting the sway bars does help suspension articulation over obstacles and can aid traction when driving off-road.

Q. What is a camber adjuster and why are they optional on some kits?

A. Installing a lift kit will change alignment settings. Some settings are not adjustable with OEM parts. Camber correction parts give you the adjustability necessary to align your car. They are optional because some buyers already have them installed.